Bellini, new installation to produce vegetable based oils

Bellini, new installation to produce vegetable based oils press release

Article published on “L’Eco di Bergamo” on 05/10/11.
Title: Bellini, new installation to produce vegetable based oils – page 14

A purpose-built installation for vegetable-based oils will be placed by the beginning of December at the Bellini plant, a firm specialized in the industrial lubricants and fluids production. The firm from Bergamo sells these oils since 2008, but lately the demand has grown considerably. From the 350 tons per year produced through the “traditional” installation, Bellini, with the new installation, aims for reaching 700 tons in 2012, 15% of the overall production. «The new installation (300 thousand euros investment) has an annual production capacity of 1.500 tons – Marco Bellini, R&D and production manager, explains – and will be placed alongside the one dedicated to traditional oils that produces roughly 4.500 tons». The vegetable oils benefits are: the better lubrication performance, achieving a longer tools’ lifespan, they are biodegradable, they allow lower energy bills and, being nontoxic, they have no hygienic-sanitary impact, without skin and airways irritation.

Bellini has focused a lot on resource in order to develop this type of oil. Last year it has participated to the regional bando Driade, involving 4 engineering companies, Giasini from Grassobbio, Iame from Verdellino, Rottigni Officina Meccanica from Cazzano Sant’Andrea and Streparava from Adro (Brescia), as well as MetalC Politecnico di Milano spin-off. «This year, – Marco Bellini (son of Alberto and Stefano’s brother, accountancy manager) goes on – we aim for an R&D coopereation with the Medicina del lavoro department of the Riuniti hospital».

PHOTO: from left Stefano, Alberto and Marco Bellini

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