Each customer has its own history and its own needs: we are here to hear you and offer you the right product, tailor-made.”

Each customer is different from another one; each one has a specific production with different difficulties, such as, for example, working with cobalt, steel and titanium alloys or the deep drilling.  Each one has its own peculiarity to be solved. For this reason, there is not a product suitable to everyone, but rather there are thousand products, each different from the others even only for some parameters, and among these there is the right one for you.

We know which one it is. If the product does not exist yet, we are going to study it especially for you.

Our products are developed starting from a customer’s specific needs’ mapping, from the comparative analysis with competitors’ products and from the attendance to international symposiums about lubrication’s world, catching ideas to anticipate the market with really innovative choices.

During years, this customization orientation has allowed us to have a wide range dynamic catalogue that constantly evolves itself anticipating market trends. For us, having many customers means having many customization opportunities and to be the firsts able to provide the specific problem-solving product. With more than one 1500 active customers, in accordance with our personalised approach, we are proud to have significant case histories, which took and still take us to more and more new products’ formulation.